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Seniors Citizens are going hungry 

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  1. Census figures show that 1 out of every 7 Floridians age 60 plus, 615,000 Seniors, face the Threat of Hunger. In Palm Beach County, 34% live in Food Deserts, suffer from Chronic Diseases, and have Disabilities. The revolving door at hospitals are full of seniors with Chronic Diseases suffering from malnutrition because of the critical choices they face every day between purchasing food or medication, paying rent or utilities. This costs taxpayers millions of dollars. Healthy diets aren’t just good sense. They’re also good for the economy!                                                                     
  2. CCC’s Senior Care Giving Program’s Goal is to assist local seniors to avoid institutional care and “Age in Place.” CCC’s program provides essential services to 258 frail & elderly living in the “Heart of Boynton” who deals with hunger, chronic diseases, and health issues related to the effects of isolationism. It costs taxpayers $86,000 a year per senior for institutional care vs. $23,000 to “Age in Place.” Our programs save taxpayers an estimated $11,094,000 annually.                                          
  3. YOUR DONATION helps the CCC’s Senior Care Giving Program delivers weekly to 258 local frail, elderly, & hungry seniors hot meals and fresh produce, in addition to providing monthly social activities and congregate meals. At this point in life, no one should have to worry about where their next meal will come from. Senior meals are essential! It says “Thank You!” to what is being called the “Greatest Generation.”

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To obtain more information on Charitable Gifts, creating a Charitable Legacy, or Event Sponsorships, etc.       please contact the CCC, at (561) 386-4261.

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