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Ansr has always been a cook, before he decided to do it for a profession, he was only self-trained and it is just what he loved to do. He is an alumnus of Florida Gulf Coast University and University of South Florida and got his master’s in business entrepreneurship. After school he almost made it on to a master chef TV show. That really started him taking his career in the culinary field seriously. 

He found the Secret Garden randomly through a google search of commercial space. At the time his business partner and he were working out of the house once a month and they just really felt like it was time to take it to the next level. There have been a lot of lessons along the way but he really appreciates the mentorship and support he has gotten. The classes were great but since then when he is working next to an experienced cook he is able to get day in and day out a listening ear who has many more years of experience and advice to give. 

They are in the process of reshaping the vision for the next year but the licensing and everything is done for the food truck and they hope they can open other times as well. His business partner and Ansr see so much opportunity for growth.

Come to his dinners at the Secret Garden Thursday- Sunday! 


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