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One of Katherine’s best memories, 

from being a part of the CCC Senior Services program, was a visit to the Holy Land Exhibit in Orlando. When I asked her what was so special she just replied, “It was just really fun and beautiful. There were even camels that you could go over and touch if you wanted to.” As we got to know each other through conversation, she was open about her stress for the future. Recently the rent was raised. That is just money gone from her already small fixed income at the age of 90.  She knows that the landlords are not thinking about the limited money someone on social security has to live on. Through this hardship she holds most dearly the friendship she has gained in the program. “We are able to talk and share with each other. It is like a family living here in Florida. Everyone is watching over each other.”


Our seniors love having volunteer come to visit them, be that person! 

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