Community Caring Center of Palm Beach County, Inc. 

   "Creating A Healthier Community" Initiative    

Senior Chronic meals

You could get your meals for free depending on your insurance

Meals are provided FREE to those that are determined to be income eligible according to Palm Beach County poverty guidelines. Even if you are not at poverty level, we can provide them on a sliding scale.

Assistance for on-line applications for SNAP benefits and financial assistance for free meals are available on a case by case basis by contacting us at 561-386-4261 or 561- 275-0379

Everything is prepared fresh

Seniors 70 + may apply for membership in our Frail & Elderly Shut-in Veggie Mobile Program, we use a sliding scale to determine costs, meals range in price from FREE to $3.99 and can be delivered or picked-up.

10% Discount provided for "family size entrees", for example a whole quiche or meatloaf, larger quantities of vegetables, desserts, condiments like mayo, flavored coffee creamer are available upon request.    

Delivered to your house frozen for use whenever you need.

Self- Pay Renal Meal Plan: $27 including tax & delivery. It includes your choice of 3 entrees & 3 sides delivered fresh/frozen. Additional items can be added to your order. Single entrée $6.50, Single side $2.50.

Self-paying customers should let us know if your meals are covered by insurance; payments can be made by credit/debit card,
EBT, or check.

Renal Meal Plan Selections:  

Eggs, Entrees, Sides, Specialties, Desserts


Yum quiche for breakfast

Dairy Free Quiche (pictured left), baby spinach, onion, red bell pepper, asparagus, olive oil, unsweetened almond milk, flour, eggs, paprika, black pepper 

Calories: 224 Protein: 10 grams

Sodium: 425 mg   Potassium: 194 mg   Phosphorus: 122 mg

w/ Lemon Blueberry Muffin, flourless high protein muffins

vanilla whey, eggs, heavy cream, fresh blueberries, Splenda, grated lemon jest, cinnamon, cream cheese 

Calories: 170 Protein: 5 grams

Sodium: 162 mg   Potassium: 39 mg  Phosphorus: 65 mg

Deviled Eggs, 1 hardboiled egg cut in half, onion, dry mustard, paprika, mayo, vinegar, pepper

Calories: 133  Protein: 7 grams

Sodium: 106 mg  Potassium: 77 mg  Phosphorus: 98 mg

Food that feeds your body and soul

Shrimp & Grits (pictured left), 0.75 oz Shrimp, ¼ c grits,

shallots, fresh kernel corn, red bell pepper, green peas

Calories: 220 Protein: 23 grams

Sodium: 487 mg Potassium: 321 mg

Phosphorus: 240 mg


Salad is something we should all eat more of.
Nicoise Salad (pictured left), tuna, hardboiled egg, boiled small potatoes, green beans on lettuce w/lemon dill dressing.

Broccoli Dinner Salad, broccoli florets, shredded carrots, red cabbage, scallions, raisins, sesame seeds. Dressing: apple

cider vinegar, lite mayo, cayenne, basil, garlic

Calories: 58 Protein: 2 grams

Sodium: 48 mg Potassium: 295 mg

Phosphorus: 66 mg

Creamy Grape Salad, grapes, cream cheese, sour cream, powdered sugar, vanilla

Calories: 182 Protein: 2 grams

Sodium: 77 mg Potassium: 197 mg

Phosphorus: 57 mg

Green Pea Salad, served on bed of iceberg lettuce, celery, green pepper. red or sweet onion, fresh peas, mayo, hardboiled egg, 1 tsp cheese shredded, ¼ slice crisp bacon

Calories: 264 Protein: 9 grams

Sodium: 140 mg Potassium: 195 mg

Phosphorus: 107 mg

Apple Salad, ½ cup serving variation of a traditional Waldorf Salad, apples, walnuts, raisins, mayo & yogurt

Calories: 195 Protein: 9 grams

Sodium: 70 mg Potassium: 297 mg

Phosphorus: 96 mg

Dressings: Red Wine Vinaigrette, Coleslaw Dressing, Italian Seasoning

Chef's Favorite - Sunday Dinner or Holiday Celebrations
Roast Pork with Cherry Marmalade Sauce 


Roast pork is great


Roast Pork w/Cherry Marmalade Sauce, 2.5 - 3 oz boneless pork loin, apple stuffing, dried cherry and sugar-free Orange Marmadale glaze topping

Calories: 287 Protein: 16 grams  Sodium: 338 mg  Potassium: 330 mg  Phosphorus: 26 mg

Apple Baked Pork Chops, 6 oz pork chop, ½ small apple, brown sugar, ¼ tsp raisins

Calories: 409  Protein: 43 grams  Sodium: 453 mg  Potassium: 59 mg   Phosphorus: 235 mg


Renal Failure Meal Plans are high in Protein and may tend to be priced slightly higher than typical senior or home delivered meals.

Entrées will contain less than 250 mg of phosphorus, less than 500 mg of sodium, & less than 450 mg of potassium per serving. 

Desserts and sides will contain less than 125 mg of phosphorus, less than 250 mg of sodium, and less than 200 mg of potassium per serving.


Chicken tortilla soup is a great start

Spicy Chicken Tortilla (pictured left)fresh tomatoes, low sodium chicken broth, onion, garlic, seasoning, fresh corn, hominy, green chili peppers, fresh cilantro, chicken breast

Calories: 148 Protein: 16 grams

Sodium: 142 mg Potassium: 285 mg

Phosphorus: 64 mg

Green Bean Chicken Chili, 2 oz boneless

Skinless chicken breast, tomatoes, corn, green

beans, low sodium chicken broth, rice,

sour cream, seasoning

Calories: 383 Protein: 18 grams

Sodium: 374 mg Potassium: 371 mg

Phosphorus: 200 mg

Ground Beef, ground beef, mixed vegetables,celery, onions. stewed tomatoes, low sodium beef broth, flour

Calories: 206 Protein: 13 grams

Sodium: 374 mg Potassium: 431 mg

Phosphorus: 126 mg

Hearty Vegetable, 8 oz serving onions,carrots, celery, green beans 


Calories: 258 Protein: 10 grams

Sodium: 92 mg Potassium: 415 mg

Phosphorus: 96 mg

or w/noodles

Calories: 181 Protein: 10 grams

Sodium: 94 mg Potassium: 426 mg

Phosphorus: 125 mg

Creamy Chunky Tomato, 4.5 oz serving,

diced tomatoes, heavy cream, carrot, celery,

onion, garlic, basil and seasoning

Calories: 222 Protein: 3 grams

Sodium: 44 mg Potassium: 370 mg

Phosphorus: 60 mg

NOTE: Remember to count the fluid in soups if you are limited in your fluid intake


Our chronic meals do not have salt or sugar but lots of deliciousness still.


Chuck Roast, 6 oz chuck roast, onion,

garlic, basil, cayenne to taste

Calories: 575 Protein: 81 grams

Sodium: 216 mg Potassium: 49 mg

Phosphorus: 156 mg

Beef Stew (pictured above) with carrots

Calories: 287 Protein: 16 grams

Sodium: 338 mg Potassium: 330 mg

Phosphorus: 26 mg


Shrimp & Grits, 0.75 oz Shrimp, ¼ c grits, shallots, fresh kernel corn, red bell pepper, green peas

Calories: 220 Protein: 23 grams

Sodium: 487 mg Potassium: 321 mg

Phosphorus: 240 mg

Fish Bake, 1/4 lb serving baked white or catfish with unsalted crackers & flour dipped in beaten egg and seasoning

Calories: 273 Protein: 31 grams

Sodium: 74 mg  Potassium: 243 mg

Phosphorus: 171 mg

Shrimp Scampi, ¼ lb shrimp, white wine, lemon, garlic, parsley, red pepper flakes, butter, canola oil, flour

Calories: 230 Protein: 27 grams

Sodium: 196 mg Potassium: 166 mg

Phosphorus: 230 mg

Tuna Salad, 2.4 oz low sodium tuna, red onion, red pepper, celery, honey mustard

Calories: 79 Protein: 13 grams

Sodium: 56 mg Potassium: 319 mg

Phosphorus: 165 mg

Stir fry with rice is a healthy alternative


Chicken Salad w/ red grapes, red onion, celery

Calories: 454 Protein: 28 grams

Sodium: 479 mg Potassium: 444 mg

Phosphorus: 260 mg

Chicken Cabbage Stir-Fry, ginger, garlic, low sodium soy sauce

Calories: 89 Protein: 14 grams

Sodium: 395 mg Potassium: 254 mg

Phosphorus: 242 mg

Elo Pozole, white & dark chicken, fresh corn, serrano chilies, zucchini, green beans, onion & garlic

Calories: 281 Protein: 25 grams

Sodium: 178 mg Potassium: 409 mg

Phosphorus: 280 mg