Community Caring Center of Palm Beach County, Inc. 

   "Creating A Healthier Community" Initiative    

Nearly 200,000 Palm Beach 

County residents live in poverty

That equates to one in seven Palm Beach County residents, living among us in poverty. To put this in better perspective, twice the population of Boca Raton Florida exists in Palm Beach County living on less than $24,980. One of the most harsh effects of poverty is a feeling of ill being. 

Ill being and poverty

In a seven year study on our clients' experience of the cycle of poverty, we determined that over 30% were trapped in a cycle of being too sick to work and and not able to heal because of being too poor to buy the food their bodies needed. We determined we needed to address this specifically. 

How do you tackle this ill being crisis?

Our programs have the goal of supplying for the immediate need and long term meaningful change. We found that these two corresponding goals have a way of increasing the physical, mental, and spiritual health of community members. 

Our Model Sits on Three Values

Family: we are a place to belong.
We are a revolving door of support. Last year someone might have needed some financial assistance but this year they are on their feet and they can take their free time to volunteer. Perhaps our teachers and mentors of yesterday now need support. We are family and will be here today and tomorrow. 

Food is our essence:

we know it is the foundation. 

You have to eat three times a day to create a foundation  for your health. This immediate need can prevent buying behaviors that lead to long term stability. Our Service Center provides this basic need. Therefore people are able to break the cycle and create a firm foundation. 

Fellowship: we are a community of shared passion.

We are working within the world we were given. We all share a passion to change that world. Perhaps this change comes through a new business created, through volunteering within our community, or through advocating to get voices heard. We know how inequality hurts and are united in creation of a healthier and more prosperous community.

Three Program Areas that Create Connection

We found that there is a need to work on the pieces of the community that connect.

Social Enterprise 

There is a minimum start up cost of $10,000 to $50,000 for anyone who wants to start a business. 
We provide the resources necessary to bring better equity in the business world.

Resource Center 

Food is a basic human right. 
When someone has an empty belly, emergency services are needed before any long term prosperity can be planned. 

Senior Services 

615,000 seniors face the threat of hunger right now in Palm Beach County.
We go beyond hunger to bring better well being though aging in place. 
The work of the Community Caring Center has impacted the 

lives of Willie and Katherine.

Read their stories.

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