Community Caring Center of Palm Beach County, Inc. 

   "Creating A Healthier Community" Initiative    

Senior Veggie Mobile Program . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

CCC provides services to over 1,000 seniors in Palm Beach County. However, in our target area called the "Heart of Boynton," CCC has 274 frail and elderly that are shut-in and find it difficult to get to us for services. 

Our case managers either harvest produce from our Urban Farming Project, or purchase from local Boynton farmers, including one of our incubator clients Aaldmon Farms LLC, an organically certified farmer. 

Dr. Kehrig, a board member with a masters degree in nutrition, rides from time to time to answer questions and help evaluate nutritional needs. 

Soups made at the CCC Green Market Grocer and prepared meals, "a mini "Meals on Wheels" initiative, are included. 

Staff is able to check for signs of dehydration, malnutrition, and dementia, as well as, piggy-back additional services, including canned goods from the food pantry, utility bills and rent and mortgage assistance.

Seniors enjoy social gathering at the Secret Garden Cafe several times a year.

CCC also provides Chronic Disease Wellness and Nutrition Cooking Class.

Elder Assistance for Palm Beach County Residents .....