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   "Creating A Healthier Community" Initiative    

Culinary entrepreneur incubator


The Secret Garden's Incubator Program is limited to cuisine businesses who go through the application and interview process.

We’re here to support you in formalizing or launching your business.

You can build your business plan here

Step One 

Application and Enrollment
We hold our two week basic courses four times a year. Applications to work out of the kitchen are on a rolling basis (for this you will skip straight to step three),

Graduates of the program work all over county.

Step Two 

Graduate from the two 

week intensive food prep 

and entrepreneur classes

 Students will go into these classes with an idea but by graduation will have a food handlers certificate and the foundations of their business in the areas of product, marketing, finance, regulations and operations. After graduation we will be there to guide you through every step along the way to build your business up. 

Food is our passion.

Step Three 


Program participants who fit our community guidelines will have access to an  affordable commercial kitchen space to grow their businesses’ sales.

We work with people who have ideas.

Step Four 

Live your Dream

Once  our program participants have expanded out of the  incubator they join the community of businesses born from the Secret Garden. We continue to check in and promote their business through website and other media. 


The Secret Garden's incubator program is not income limited. If you are passionate about creating a change in the community through food, then you already are a part of the club. 

We do screen applicants for the following: 


Business Ready 

When you apply to The Secret Garden, you should have a business idea that you are ready to put into action. We’ll help you refine it.


We have many layers of goals with our incubator. We want to build up businesses within the community that are selling food that feeds peoples' souls and bodies. 

Community Spirit 

Our kitchen is shared by multiple entrepreneurs from all different backgrounds. You need to be flexible and willing to work with others in close quarters to succeed in our kitchen. We value our community and depend on each entrepreneur to take an active role in maintaining a harmonious environment. 



Running a food business requires a lot of heart and hard work. We are excited to work with passionate entrepreneurs who are motivated to grow their businesses.


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