Community Caring Center of Palm Beach County, Inc. 

   "Creating A Healthier Community" Initiative    

Incubator Client Success Stories 

Cakes by Lara 

Cakes by Lara, started as a green market vendor. Dynamic and determined as a Russian immigrant, she took a few years to build her cient base using the market to meet customers and sell her products. She was very quick to build a following due to the high quality standards and customer service skills. Once she completed her master pastry degree she was ready to open her own bakery. You may find her at the Friendly Greek Plaza in Lantana. Congrats! Lara

"No More Blues" Blueberry is just one of Erin Ashley's pies. Her business is located in Miami and pies must be ordered on line.  

Choose from Strawberry Pizazz or Razzle Dazzle, mixed berry.

Made from fresh organic fruit.


Tom's Place II

The "baby" girl of Tom and Helen, founders of the Original World Famous  Tom's Ribs is set on re-creating the flavor and values of everthing that mom and dad held dear! She is flamboyant like mom and cooks like her dad. A diamond in the rough. Married to Gerad, who reminds us of her dad, the two have a winning combination that offers the same quality and flavor fans have come to expect, We are confident that Mom and Dad are very proud of their hard work. Congrats.

You will find Tom's at 400 East Boynton Beach Blvd from Wed thru Sat for eat in or take out

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A Call for Great Food

When it comes to freshly prepared meals and amazing bar-b-que, our restaurant is at the top. Making everything from scratch daily, we don't believe in using leftovers or frozen food. From our side dishes to the main entrees, you can believe everything is mouthwatering good.

Offering plenty of indoor and outdoor seating in a casual atmosphere, our restaurant is perfect for big walk in parties or small parties with reservations. Dine and takeout service is available, as are catering services for events and private parties. Our full-service staff works to ensure your time with us is enjoyable, making you want to come back time and time again. Note: Delivery service is not available.

Biscotti Firenze, Inc. 

Victor Scocozza, owner and operator of Biscotti Firenze, Inc. is in many Italina gourmet markets throughout Palm Beach County as well as several green markets in both Palm Beach and Broward counties. He has trademarked his original receipes for the manafacturing of his line of savory biscotti.  

Rima's Cheesecake, Brazil Tropical, the Soup Doctor, and The Best Jamaican Restaurant & Bakery. . . .

Rima's Cheesecake, Brazil Triopical,  the Soup Doctor, and the Best Jamaican Restaurant & Bakery had existing retail space in Lantana, Lake Worth, Boca Raton, and West Palm Beach respectively. As prices began to increase prior to the economic bubble, each found the overhead to be to burdensome to continue to function as independant retail stores. 

The cooperative model offered at the Secret Garden Cafe (formerly known as the Ocean Ave. Green Market) provided them an opportunity to share space, reduce their adminstrative overhead and continue to operate as an independant business, maintaning their product identity. As an incubator, we were able to save and recruit four established businesses to Boynton Beach.