Community Caring Center of Palm Beach County, Inc. 

   "Creating A Healthier Community" Initiative    

The first time Willie visited the CCC it was for help. He shopped in the food pantry. As he was getting himself back on his feet, he started doing a lot of volunteer work with them around the senior program. When he was volunteering, he was doing all the same work he is doing now. Some money was found to get him paid and he got on staff. The thing that really inspires him is helping out each day. You will come in and check on each individual, is there anything in their home that look unsafe? Is the house well kept? Each one has something small they need help with. May it be flipping a mattress to maybe just having a conversation. These small things mean a lot to the seniors. Often it is just knowing that someone is around to call on that can bring peace of mind and confidence for someone. You can never be in a rush because that is not showing them love, that is just treating them as work. This place is about showing them love. That love has to be present in all the actions your do. 

To make a living Willie has two other jobs in addition to this one. It is a hard schedule to keep but the reason he is doing it all is for his daughter. With all of this work they are not able to eat as healthy as he wishes they could. He ends up having to get a lot of fast food for them just because he does not have the time to cook it. Which he knows is not right, he talks about nutrition with the seniors all the time, but it is hard to follow in his own life. 

He wants his daughter to have a better life and live in a better world than the one he has known. She is in high school now and is as smart as a whip. All she really does is study and is a straight ‘A’ student. She definitely will be going to college; she does not know what she will study yet but will use the time for some self-exploration. In the meantime, seniors all over Palm Beach County know the secret knock that means Willie is at the door with much needed food and love to give.
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